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“I feel like my salespeople should be bringing in more business.”  If you’ve ever had this thought, here is what you need to know.

Most people in sales are missing key factors to really be successful.  For some, it’s a defined sales process, for others it’s competencies in qualifying or closing, and some simply have self-limiting beliefs.  But you’ll never really know without a great assessment.  

Neal provides:

Sales Candidate Screening | Sales Force Evaluation | Sales Team Management | Sales Coaching

Why OMG sales assessment is different:

  • Proven results from over 2,000,000 assessment
  • Criteria is 100% customized to your company, selling environment, and systems
  • 92% of candidates who are recommended become top performers within 12 months
  • 75% of candidates who aren’t recommended fail within 6 months
  • Your recommendations are clearly provided – no guessing required!
  • Hired candidates come with a detailed development plan
  • Wholistic training addresses job posting, interviews, and more to ensure success

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